Nov 16

A Digital Tomorrow – Technology that says ‘No’ #EDCMOOC

So it’s the second week of my EDCMOOC, I started yesterday as I have been busy but again it’s been a interesting couple of days with some thought provoking videos.

The video that caused much of the provoking was ‘A Digital Tomorrow’. It shows a quite minimalist living environment with not much in the home, but we have the homeowner lying on the bed staring into space. Continue reading

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Nov 06

Bendito’s Machine III, weird but wonderful!! #edcmooc

Well this is the first week of my ELearning and Digital Cultures MOOC with the University of Edinburgh and so far so good. I’ve read a number of articles regarding MOOC’s but never joined one until now.

I’d read stories of MOOC’s being chaotic and unorganised but I feel that so far this MOOC is anything but, it’s organised and well structured (let’s see how the Google Hangout goes at the end of the week). Continue reading

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