Nov 10

Progression #edcmooc #edcmoocrocks

This November the University of Edinburgh runs the third iteration of its massive open online course “E-learning and Digital Cultures” (EDCMOOC) through the Coursera platform. The first two were in January and November last year. EDCMOOC is a month-long online educational event that is often described as an ‘exciting’ and yet an ‘overwhelming’ digital space […]

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Feb 19

#edcmooc Looking to the future and metaphors for learning technology

Week 2 of e-Learning and Digital Cultures has moved from looking at past predictions and visions of technology to future-gazing about the digital world and how it will evolve.  With the benefit of hindsight we can critque the utopian and dystopian visions of the future which have gone before but now we’re in the hot seat challenging our own perceptions of technological forces and their potential for use and misuse.

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